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    Clearly generic mobic 15 mg amex, both the medics who bolic classes has clearly shown that the usual “one size administered the primaquine and the men who took the fits all” recommended drug dose is not appropriate for all drug were unaware of the potential consequences order mobic 7.5 mg free shipping. Research efforts Drugs are essential to modern medical practice cheap mobic 7.5 mg free shipping, but, Future applications as in the cases of malignant hyperthermia and G6PD At the present time, pharmacogenetics is still in its deficiency, it has become clear that not all individuals infancy with its full potential yet to be realized. Reactions can vary from current studies, it is possible to envision many different positive improvement in the quality of life to life threat- applications in the future. New tests will be developed to research endeavors are now providing information that is monitor the effects of drugs, and new medications will be allowing a better understanding of the underlying causes found that will specifically target a particular genetic of pharmacogenetic anomalies with the hope that eventu- abnormality. Increased knowledge in this field should ally the number of negative episodes can be reduced. In time, these advances will improve the prac- The cytochrome P450 system is a group of related tice of medicine and become the standard of care. Stein, PhD 918 GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GENETIC DISORDERS Phenotype see Genotypes and phenotypes Nerve cells have specialized extensions called dendrites and axons. Stimulating a nerve cell triggers nerve impulses, or signals, that speed down the axon. These nerve impulses then stimulate the end of an axon to release chemicals called neurotransmitters that spread IPhenylketonuria out and communicate with the dendrites of neighboring nerve cells. Definition Many nerve cells have long, wire-like axons that are Phenylketonuria (PKU) can be defined as a rare covered by an insulating layer called the myelin sheath. PKU is the most serious form of a class of nine levels in the blood and brain can produce nerve cells diseases referred to as “hyperphenylalaninemia,” all of with abnormal axons and dendrites, and cause imperfec- which involve above normal (elevated) levels of pheny- tions in the myelin sheath referred to as hypomyelination lalanine in the blood. This loss of myelin can “short circuit” PKU, mental retardation, is the result of consuming nerve impulses (messages) and interrupt cell communi- foods that contain the amino acid phenylalanine, which is cation. It patients who have not maintained adequate dietary con- is the most common genetic disease involving amino acid trol. PKU is incurable, but early, effective treat- PKU can also affect the production of one of the ment can prevent the development of serious mental inca- major neurotransmitters in the brain, called dopamine. PKU patients who do not consume enough tyrosine in Description their diet cannot produce sufficient amounts of dopamine. This is the only Some preliminary research suggests that nerve cells role of PAH in the body. A lack of PAH results in the of PKU patients also have difficulty absorbing tyrosine. Above normal who receive sufficient dietary tyrosine still experience levels of phenylalanine are toxic to the cells that make up some form of learning disability. Teratogens are any IQ (intelligence quotient) tests provide a measure of substance or organism that can cause birth disorders in a cognitive function. They generally very large molecules composed of strings of may require special tutoring and need to repeat some of smaller building blocks or molecules called amino acids. The body grams may experience problems with typical academic breaks down proteins from food into individual amino tasks such as math, reading, and spelling. Ten years of age seems to be an impor- sues, and are the key components of enzymes, antibodies, tant milestone for PKU patients. PKU and the human nervous system People with PKU tend to avoid contact with others, The extensive network of nerves in the brain and the appear anxious, and show signs of depression. KEY TERMS It is also interesting to note that people with PKU are less likely to display such habits as lying, teasing, and active Amino acid—Organic compounds that form the disobedience. There are 20 types of research findings are still quite preliminary and more amino acids (eight are “essential amino acids” extensive research is needed to clearly show how abnor- which the body cannot make and must therefore mal phenylalanine levels in the blood and brain might be obtained from food). Genetic profile Enzyme—A protein that catalyzes a biochemical reaction or change without changing its own PKU symptoms are caused by alterations or muta- structure or function. Mutations in the PAH gene prevent the liver from producing ade- Gene—A building block of inheritance, which quate levels of the PAH enzyme needed to break down contains the instructions for the production of a phenylalanine.

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    Local anesthetics possess a uni- the diminished danger of systemic in- form structure mobic 7.5mg mastercard. The nitrogen rate of bioinactivation and generic 7.5mg mobic with visa, therefore cheap mobic 15mg with mastercard, is linked through an intermediary chain shortened duration of action is a disad- to a lipophilic moiety—most often an vantage. Procaine cannot be used as a surface The amine function means that lo- anesthetic because it is inactivated fast- cal anesthetics exist either as the neu- er than it can penetrate the dermis or tral amine or positively charged ammo- mucosa. This step can occur only to a restricted The pka indicates the pH value at which extent in prilocaine and articaine be- 50% of molecules carry a proton. In its cause both carry a substituent on the C- protonated form, the molecule possess- atom adjacent to the nitrogen group. Ar- es both a polar hydrophilic moiety (pro- ticaine possesses a carboxymethyl tonated nitrogen) and an apolar lipo- group on its thiophen ring. At this posi- philic moiety (ring system)—it is amphi- tion, ester cleavage can occur, resulting philic. It is used exclusively form (right) possesses a negative partial as a surface anesthetic. Depending on the pKa, 50 to 5% of the drug may be present at physiologi- cal pH in the uncharged lipophilic form. This fraction is important because it represents the lipid membrane-perme- able form of the local anesthetic (p. This structural element is unimportant for efficacy; even drugs containing a methylene bridge, such as chlorpromazine (p. Ester-type local anesthetics are subject to inactivation by tissue es- Lüllmann, Color Atlas of Pharmacology © 2000 Thieme All rights reserved. Local Anesthetics 209 Procaine Lidocaine Prilocaine Articaine Mepivacaine Benzocaine [H+] Proton concentration 100 0 80 20 60 40 40 60 20 80 0 100 6 7 8 9 10 pH value Active form Membrane- cationic- permeable amphiphilic form Ability to penetrate Poor lipophilic Good barriers and cell membranes A. Local anesthetics and pH value Lüllmann, Color Atlas of Pharmacology © 2000 Thieme All rights reserved. Aside from the relief associated opium contains alkaloids devoid of an- with the abatement of strong pain, algesic activity, e. All semisynthetic deriva- (euphoria), particularly after intrave- tives (hydromorphone) and fully syn- nous injection and, hence, rapid build- thetic derivatives (pentazocine, pethi- up of drug levels in the brain. The desire dine = meperidine, l-methadone, and to re-experience this state by renewed fentanyl) are collectively referred to as administration of drug may become opioids. The high analgesic effectiveness overpowering: development of psycho- of xenobiotic opioids derives from their logical dependence. The atttempt to quit affinity for receptors normally acted repeated use of the drug results in with- upon by endogenous opioids (enkepha- drawal signs of both a physical (cardio- lins,! They cal (restlessness, anxiety, depression) are found in various brain regions and nature. Opioids meet the criteria of “ad- the spinal medulla, as well as in intra- dictive” agents, namely, psychological mural nerve plexuses that regulate the and physiological dependence as well as motility of the alimentary and urogeni- a compulsion to increase the dose. There are several types of opi- these reasons, prescription of opioids is oid receptors, designated µ, ", #, that subject to special rules (Controlled Sub- mediate the various opioid effects; all stances Act, USA; Narcotic Control Act, belong to the superfamily of G-protein- Canada; etc). All contain the ami- sued on special forms the completion of no acid sequence of the pentapeptides which is rigorously monitored. The ef- opioid analgesics, such as codeine and fects of the opioids can be abolished by tramadol, may be prescribed in the usu- antagonists (e. Ca2+ influx into nerve ter- minals during excitation is decreased, leading to a decreased release of excita- tory transmitters and decreased synap- tic activity (A). Depending on the cell population affected, this synaptic inhi- bition translates into a depressant or ex- citant effect (B).

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    A recent study shows Most AIDS patients require complex long-term that HAART therapy substantially reduces risk of AIDS- treatment with medications for infectious diseases discount mobic 15 mg. This related pneumonia (PCP) purchase mobic 15mg free shipping, although PCP still remains the treatment often is complicated by the development of re- most common AIDS-defining illness among opportunis- sistance in the disease organisms mobic 7.5 mg line. Other recent studies show that these pro- nancies in the central nervous system usually are treated tease inhibitors may result in high cholesterol and put with radiation therapy. Most clin- Prophylactic treatment for opportunistic infections icians would say the benefits outweigh the risks anyway. AIDS patients with a history of Pneu- Prevention mocystis pneumonia; with CD4+ counts below 200 As of 2000, there is no vaccine effective against cells/mm3 or 14% of lymphocytes; weight loss; or thrush AIDS. Several vaccines to prevent initial HIV infection should be given prophylactic medications. In 2002, reports drugs given are trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, dap- showed a new “library” vaccine showed potential. In the cause many patients with AIDS suffer from abnormally same year, the British government worked with five low levels of both red and white blood cells, they may be African countries in a trial to find an effective gel that given medications to stimulate blood cell production. The study 38 GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2 leaders believed if they could find a lotion that could be (AIDS). Stamford, CT: Apple- transmission, they would give women the ability to bet- ton & Lange, 1997. Acute retroviral syndrome—A group of symptoms Lymphoma—A cancerous tumor in the lymphatic resembling mononucleosis that often are the first system that is associated with a poor prognosis in sign of HIV infection. AIDS dementia complex—A type of brain dysfunction Macrophage—A large white blood cell, found pri- caused by HIV infection that causes difficulty thinking, marily in the bloodstream and connective tissue, confusion, and loss of muscular coordination. Antigen—Any substance that stimulates the body Mycobacterium avium (MAC) infection—A type to produce antibody. Hairy leukoplakia of the tongue—A white area of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP)—An op- diseased tissue on the tongue that may be flat or portunistic infection caused by a fungus that is a slightly raised. It is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus major cause of death in patients with late-stage and is an important diagnostic sign of AIDS. Hemophilia—Hereditary blood clotting disorders Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy occurring almost exclusively in males. CD4 lymphocytes are a subset of T lympho- sue that produces painless purplish red (in people cytes. It is a major diagnostic mark- Thrush—A yeast infection of the mouth character- er of AIDS. Latent period—Also called incubation period, the time between infection with a disease-causing Viremia—The measurable presence of virus in the agent and the development of disease. Lymphocyte—A type of white blood cell that is im- portant in the formation of antibodies and that can Wasting syndrome—A progressive loss of weight be used to monitor the health of AIDS patients. Odle heart), disturbances of heart rhythm, anemia, clotting disorders, weak immunity to infections, inflammation and irritation of the entire gastrointestinal system, acute and chronic problems with the pancreas, low blood sugar, high blood fat content, and poor nutrition. According to the Diagnostic and causes or contributes to a variety of severe social prob- Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the lems: homelessness, murder, suicide, injury, and violent American Psychiatric Association and commonly called the crime. Alcohol is a contributing factor in 50% of all DSM-IV, the essential feature of substance abuse (in this in- deaths from motor vehicle accidents. In fact, 50% of the stance, alcohol abuse) is maladaptive use of the substance 100,000 deaths that occur each year due to the effects of with recurrent and significant adverse consequences related alcohol are due to injuries of some sort. Dependence is a physical addiction with the United States over $150 billion yearly in lost produc- psychological, social and genetic components. Abuse, distinguished from depen- Causes & symptoms dence by retaining some control over the use of alcohol, nevertheless carries many of the same consequences over A physical dependence on alcohol develops insidi- time, and certainly increases risk of dependence. The body is a magnificent adaptor; therefore, with persistent use, many adaptations occur Today, alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence are physically and psychologically, resulting in both a higher often associated with abuse of, or dependence on, other tolerance to and increased need for alcohol—craving it— substances including nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, The physical adaptation to alcohol involves changing lev- heroin, amphetamines, sedatives, and anxiolytics (anti- els and altered balances of neurotransmitters, chemicals anxiety drugs). Alcoholism is more common in males in the brain which not only affect physical abilities like than in females, with an estimated male-to-female ratio muscle coordination, but also mood.

    Despite these findings discount 7.5mg mobic overnight delivery, the spiritual needs of patients are often ignored or not 8 buy 7.5mg mobic visa,9 15 mg mobic amex,13 satisfied (Mayo Patient Expectations Survey, unpublished data, 1994). Nevertheless, clinician interest in patient spirituality has increased because of a growing number of studies that have shown an association between increased religious involvement and 14 spirituality and better health outcomes. This chapter reviews the results of published studies, meta-analyses, systematic reviews and subject reviews that have examined the association between religious involvement, patient spirituality and spiritual interventions (e. Finally, suggestions on how clinicians might ethically assess and support the spiritual needs of patients are provided. Furthermore, intercessory prayer studies have significant methodological flaws, making their relevance to clinicians 15,16 unclear. USE OF RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL VARIABLES IN MEDICAL RESEARCH Religious and spiritual variables are not widely used in medical research. For example, a 17 review of 2348 studies published in four major psychiatry journals between 1978 and 1982 revealed that only 59 (2. Neglect of religious and spiritual variables in medical research may be attributable, in part, to the reliance on the biomedical model in which physical evidence is paramount. While the biomedical model is excellent for describing certain disease mechanisms (e. Religious involvement, spirituality and medicine 225 Of the studies that have considered the effects of religious or spiritual factors on health, most have used measures of religious involvement (e. The main reason for this practice is the greater consensus on how to define and measure religious involvement as opposed to spirituality. RELIGIOUS INVOLVEMENT, SPIRITUALITY AND PHYSICAL HEALTH A majority of the nearly 350 studies of physical health that used religious and spiritual variables have found that religious involvement and spirituality are associated with better 25 physical health outcomes. Mortality During the past three decades, at least 18 prospective studies have shown that religiously 26–43 involved persons live longer. The populations examined in these studies included not only entire communities but also specific groups. The religious and spiritual variables 29,31,34 used in these studies included membership in a religious congregation, attendance 26–28,30,32,33,35,36,38–42 37 at religious Services, living within a religious community and self- 43 44 reported religiosity. One study of hospitalized veterans, however, found no relationship between religious involvement, religious coping and mortality. In addition, a 45 2-year longitudinal cohort study of nearly 600 patients aged 55 years or older found that religious struggle with illness (e. Recent prospective studies have carefully controlled for potential confounding 46 38 variables. A 28-year study of 5286 adults (aged 21–65 years) found that frequent (once per week or more) attenders of religious services were 23% less likely than non- attenders to die during the follow-up period (relative hazard 0. Notably, this study also found that mobilityimpaired persons were more likely to be frequent attenders than non- 39 attenders. A 5-year study examined the same relationship in 1931 adults (aged 55 years or older). Frequent attenders were 24% less likely to die than nonattenders during the follow-up period (relative hazard 0. A 6-year study examined the same relationship in 3968 adults (aged 65 years or older). Frequent attenders were 28% less likely than infrequent (less than once per week) to die during the follow-up period (relative hazard 0. Finally, a 9-year study of a nationally representative sample of 22080 American adults (aged 20 years or older) found the risk of death for non-attenders to be 1. Complementary therapies in neurology 226 47 A recent meta-analysis of 42 studies of nearly 126000 persons found that highly religious persons had a 29% higher odds of survival compared with less religious persons (odds ratio (OR) 1. The authors could not attribute the association to confounding variables or to publication bias. Cardiovascular disease Studies have found that religious involvement is associated with less cardiovascular 48 disease. A case-control study found that secular Jewish persons had significantly higher odds of first myocardial infarction compared with Orthodox Jewish patients (men: OR 4.

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